A uniquely keyed RFID chip activates a receiver under the airbox cover allowing the Ronin computer and electrical system to be powered up.  No two chips have the same code and the lack of a visible key cylinder helps deter theft or tampering.



The Ronin tachometer and speedometer are housed within a single cast aluminum steering nacelle.  The instrument cluster has an analog display for the tachometer and digital display for speed, water temp, voltage and mileage, and is backlit for night viewing.  The clutch side lever houses the horn button and a 4-way switch that allows selection of readouts on the digital display along with operation of the headlights and turn signals.  A single start / stop button is located on the brake side lever.



The Ronin incorporates custom hydraulic radial master cylinders and fully-adjustable levers for the brake and clutch.  The fluid reservoirs are integrated on top of the master cylinders to reduce footprint and provide a clean reliable design.  Levers have quick-adjust knobs for reach and an adjustable leverage ratio linkage.



Mirrors and turn indicators are integrated at the end of the handlebars.  The indicators are positioned to be visible from both the front and rear of the bike, while seamlessly blending into the overall design when not illuminated.  Maintenance-free, high-output LEDs power the indicators.



The seat pan is injection molded polymer providing rigidity, durability and an optimized fit to the sub-frame. The seat is constructed of dual-density foam for optimal single-rider comfort and feel and is finished with a hand-stitched cover.



High output LED’s illuminate the taillights. Two brighter exterior strips indicate braking. The entire tail light unit is housed in a two-piece, injection molded, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens assembly.