One of two final bikes produced by Ronin Motor Works, this motorcycle features a "raw" brushed aluminum finish, a custom stitched brown leather saddle, and strategically placed red accents.  Wheels and a control linkages have been painted gold, and the subframe tubes are raw stainless steel.  These bikes are unique in that they are chain driven, with custom rear sets inspired by the Ronin raced at the 2015 Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Number 7 is one of two and is named after Kurabayashi Takeyuki. After his master's death, he went to the eastern province with other retainers and there disguising himself as a cloth dealer was engaged in watching the movements of the enemy. Indeed his valuable reports lent in a great measure towards attaining the successful issue of the plot. He was then 24 years old.  - Forty Seven Ronin 1893